April 27, 2017

NC Scissor Rig Hunting

I always get asked, “What exactly is a ‘Scissor Rig’?”  Well, it’s a mobile, floating duck blind.  Really, it’s a big floating boat hide.  The beauty of the scissor rig is that it conceals a big boat in open water exceptionally well.  A true scissor rig is made out of juniper.  Juniper lumber has an illustrious history as prime boat-building material due to it’s dis-inclination to rot when exposed to water for a long time.  But…it’s heavy…and it’s sappy…and it’s tough hunting.  But, Man!, do the ducks toll well to it.

NC Guided Scissor Rig Hunts

I don’t know why ducks seem to fly into a scissor rig with reckless abandon…but they sure do!  The only way I can explain it, is to come hunt in one with me.

What To Bring:

  • Cold Weather Camo Gear (We often travel over open water to reach the hunting destinations.  These rides can be quite chilly.  Dress more warmly than required.  You can always remove layers if you’re too warm.)
  • Shotgun (12 ga. is preferred)
  • Non-toxic shotshells (Use either # 1 shot, # 2 shot, # 3 shot, or # 4 shot.  Three (3) boxes is preferred)
  • Gloves
  • Waders (I’ll let you know if waders are required.)
  • Face Mask
  • Hat
  • Camera
  • Drinks, Sandwiches, Snacks, etc.  If possible, I’ll cook breakfast.  Sometimes the method we are hunting prevents cooking, but I’ll do it if I can!
  • Rain Jacket (even if the weatherman says no rain in forecast)
  • Appropriate Licensing (I will help arrange this too.  It’s super easy.)  Click Here to visit NC’s Online Licensing Page